State of the Union and the Earned Income Tax Credit – What it Means for You and Your Taxes

By Kathy Pickering Executive Director of The Tax Institute At H&R Block During last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama discussed his proposal to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit – known as the EITC.  This credit helped more than 26 million taxpayers last year claim an average of $2,335 when it was time to file… Read More

H&R Block Emerald Mastercard® Top of Wallet Winner, Offers Increased Reload Locations at Low Fees

New network includes reload for as low as $1.95 at select 7-Eleven Locations H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® was named one of the winners of the coveted Top of Wallet category by industry publication Paybefore this week. In addition, the company announced a partnership that will significantly increase the reload location sites… Read More

H&R Block Debuts Improved 2014 1040EZ Filing App

Smartphone App from H&R Block On-the-go filing easier and faster for DIY taxpayers filing simple returns Do-it-yourself taxpayers now can file their 2013 simple returns with the revamped H&R Block  (NYSE: HRB) 1040EZ app. The filing app, which is free to download for iPhone and Android smartphones, launched this week. The app is… Read More

Tax Tips Tuesday: Life Changes Change Tax Filing Status

By The Tax Institute At H&R Block One of the most common mistakes taxpayers make is selecting the wrong filing status. A short lesson on filing statuses could help ensure you pay only what you owe in taxes and get back the tax refund you’re due. If it has been a while since you filled out a tax form using a pen, you might have… Read More


Get Your Billion Back America with H&R Block

Missteps by Americans on self-prepared tax returns contribute to $1 billion left on the table H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) today announced the launch of its new campaign, Get Your Billion Back America, which reinforces H&R Block’s commitment to helping consumers get the maximum tax benefit they deserve. A recent H&R Block study shows… Read More

Tax Tips Tuesday: Six Essential Tax Questions for First-Time Filers

Six Essential Tax Questions for First-Time Filers By The Tax Institute At H&R Block First job. First car. First apartment. First tax return. These signal some of the rites of passage into adulthood. More than 5 million taxpayers will file their own individual tax return for the first time this tax season and they may not know where to… Read More

Tax Tips Tuesday: Tax Preparation Methods – Which is Right for You?

H&R Block advises on DIY, using a pro for tax prep By The Tax Institute At H&R Block Deciding which tax preparation method to use depends largely on taxpayers’ comfort with their tax situations. However, the more complex the situations are, the more likely the assistance of a tax professional should be sought. Consider the… Read More

100 Day Countdown: H&R Block Kicks Off Tax Season 2014

Taxpayers Don't Need to Wait to Prepare Income Tax Returns H&R Block's (NYSE: HRB) 10,000 offices kick off the company's 59th tax season. For the next 100 days, taxpayers can visit an H&R Block office or prepare their return with H&R Block online or software to meet the April 15 filing deadline. The IRS will start processing… Read More

Tax Tips Tuesday: Last baby of the year

Baby Steps for New Parents with Tax Questions Claiming eligible credits helps families reduce tax bills By The Tax Institute At H&R Block All babies born in 2013 – even at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 31 – can be claimed by their parents as a dependent and used to qualify for many other child-related tax benefits for tax year… Read More

Tax Tips Tuesday: Charitable Donations

Charitable donations pay twice, a new chance for recipients and tax breaks for givers By The Tax Institute At H&R Block Whether charitable donations are things the givers no longer want or are large sums of cash, these gifts help the recipients and also can lower the giver’s tax liability. For example, for every $100 in eligible… Read More

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Confusion about Health care and taxes

From the Newsroom: Richard Gartland, senior tax professional with H&R Block, talks about taxes and health care.