H&R Block statement on EITC

Recent media coverage around H&R Block and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is misleading and diverts attention from the real issues. This is not about competitive business interests. It’s about reducing fraud and protecting the future of the EITC. Anyone who says differently is not really committed to fixing a gaping hole in EITC… Read More

How to waive – not pay – IRS penalties

Taxpayers who face an IRS penalty this year are not alone. The IRS could assess more than 40 million penalties to taxpayers, totaling almost $25.6 billion in a single year. In some situations, taxpayers may miss out on an opportunity to have their penalties removed, just because they do not know to ask for a waiver. In fact, in 2010, 91… Read More

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Up to 1 in 6 Impacted by Expired Tax Benefits

Lynn Ebel, tax attorney at The Tax Institute, talks with the H&R Block newsroom about the impact expired tax benefits will have on taxpayers in 2015, including on teachers, students, homeowners and retirees.