Tax Tip: Moving for a Job? Deduct It.

By The Tax Institute at H&R Block Between 2012 and 2013, 35.9 million people in the United States moved their primary residence– 11.7 percent of the population. Almost 20 percent of those moves were for employment reasons. If the move met some additional criteria, these taxpayers could deduct moving expenses on their tax… Read More

H&R Block Budget Challenge Offers $3 Million in Grants and Scholarships, Plus Real-World Personal Finance Skills

Kansas City, Mo. — Many skills people need to succeed in life are learned early on by doing, from young children tying shoes to teenagers driving cars. But when it comes to teaching teenagers the basics for a strong financial future, they often must figure it out on their own—and not with the best results. When American teens were tested on… Read More

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Up to 1 in 6 Impacted by Expired Tax Benefits

Lynn Ebel, tax attorney at The Tax Institute, talks with the H&R Block newsroom about the impact expired tax benefits will have on taxpayers in 2015, including on teachers, students, homeowners and retirees.